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  • Saturday 20 Jan 2018
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Salt Usage

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Salt is the most useful mineral thing in the nature that use a lot in human life in any way. Because it is necessary to use much salt in the diet may hear the name that comes to mind is food tasty salty But few people know that in many cases by consumption of high salt diet can be used application. To the extent that a small percentage of oral salt intake in all areas allocated to. Salt used in most major industries, environmental, medicine, health and... .

One of the critical roles of salt intake in the textile and tanning drilling and pharmacist acidification and Serum.

Also, ice factories and packing plants, and factories producing food and junk food and cosmetics and health, Manufacturing factories, detergent and canned foods as well as salt are major users.

Fisheries, including the consumption of salt until the salt Shilati size of the salt produced in a GOLNAMAK factory Due to the high consumption of fisheries for the treatment of this name are known. It has happened many times in winter with ice and slippery roads it has happened many times in winter have been stuck with ice and slippery roads.

Mix salt and sand to remove the slippery roads and streets, leaving huge impact on the health and welfare of citizens. Therefore municipalities and transportation departments within the organization of the plant in the winter.

In some cases even sesame salt and baking and pastry bakeries and Micro used in many industries that cannot be guessed...

Salt of the most crucial and the most common substances used by man up to today and Middle East's largest quarrying GOL NAMAK Company having high purity and best quality requirements of all industries and trade on the sides makes this precious material.

Rock salt

Edible Salt

Industrial Salt

Road Salt

Salt Drilling

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